dreams of youDreams of you from far away yesterday
Brought us closer and closer in every way
In my dreams, I tried to cling to you
So vivid it seems with together we two ♥

Wishing you to always stay in my dreams
Now slowly I returned back to sleep
Found you again there, in streams
Where the time and love together meet ♥

Flashes with those thoughts of you
Visions of us touching bare
I melt into you without a care
And my fingers ran through your hair ♥

You struggled up close behind me
As though we were one heart beating
Rolling on blankets of thick furs
Caught up in this moment of ecstasy ♥

So beloved come again in dreams tonight
We’ll rendezvous into the morning light
Perfect love there in my arms and mind
Your touches beloved are so sweet and kind ♥