dreamsDreams are just dreams
Till there’s future in sight
Ordinary are just the days
which turned into the night ♥

You’re really someone special
Whom I know is always there
Someone to share my life with
Every hope, dream, and care ♥

Whenever you will feel sad, or alone
I will always be there to make you smile
You are someone special, whom I know
I Won’t leave you after a while ♥

When you find yourself on your own
Remember that you are not alone
And when you’re feeling down and blue
Remember that I’ll always love you ♥

All the time I gonna spend with you
Will put a smile upon your face
I hope one day I’ll be with you
Somehow, Sometime, some place ♥

When I am not here with you
Remember that my love is pure and true
I think about you every night and day
When I will be with you, I want to stay ♥

You mean alot to me and I would
Do anything in the world for you
So, no matter what’s going on in your life
Just know you have someone to turn to ♥