When I Dreamt YouDreaming You <3
I stay up till the night
just thinking about you
Dreaming how you bring joy to me
through glimpses of you <3
Thinking of how you make
my problems seem to fade away
Thinking of how happy
I will get to see you the next day <3
Thinking of how beautiful you are
no matter whats going on
Thinking of how beautiful it will be
when we get along <3
There’s truly no words that describe
the feelings, I have for you
I wish that there was something more,
that I could really do <3
I just wanna say, I’ll always be the one
you can always turn to
I will always be standing with you,
when your life ever hurts you <3
I will always be here, when
you need a shoulder to lean on
I will always be here, when
your feeling like you don’t belong <3
Beloved in my dreams,
you are truly my only desire
In my life till now
you have been the one to inspire <3
And now in my heart,
I hold this love so open and strong
I have never thought of anyone else
for all these yearlong <3