Dreaming in TimeDreaming in Time <3
Dreaming of the time, living far from crowd, far away
I met the princess of my dreams, with whom my heart wanna stay
She is fine tunning my life, true love she made me see
My heart used to be locked and only she seems to have the key <3

My heart now cries out for her, every day and in the night
I only want to be with her, to hold him so very tight
To be lying right next to her, to look her in her charming eyes
To be able to tell the world, I’ve eventually won greatest prize <3

I know I’ll be with her in dreams, not a minute I gonna waste
Not wanting her to leave me and always keeping me embraced
I want to have her there with me, through all the good and bad
I want her to understand how I feel, even when I’m so sad <3

How does she do this stuff, I couldn’t really ever tell
But all I do really know, she has saved me from my hell
So my love I tell you this, for it is really long overdue
You mean the whole world to me now, I really do love you <3