Lost in YouDream Beloved <3
I could never know how you sparkle so bright
Look in your eyes, you’re like a glowing light
Your melodious tone, feels so calm and serene
In my imaginary world beloved you’re my queen <3
I can’t figure out how all of this started
But I know inside I would be lost if we parted
Look in my eyes you know love can not pretend
I truly believe dear that you’re my Godsend <3
He knew exactly I needed someone special to care
Someone who is always together with me there
To lend an ear when things in life goes wrong
To strengthen me giving advice and make me strong <3
So thank you my dream beloved for taking the time
Since I found you in life, I’ve found my rhyme
This is definitely a journey that will be worthwhile
We will take it to eternity and a thousand miles <3