I don’t care beloved if the moon and stars fade or fall
For me my princess, they simply does not matter at all ♥

Just because when I got to know you I got sunshine
Now who needs the moon and the stars when you are mine ♥

Hold my hands, my beloved, trust me I’ll never let go
How can I ever think of or let my life go ♥

I’ll want to be always there through thick and thin
Let the stars fade away, but my love will never dim ♥

You, my princess my beloved , mean the world to me
And I’m certain that our love was meant to be ♥

Because it’s been like that in our hearts from the start
I have dreamt to love you with every beat of my heart ♥

So come, my princess my beloved, come to me and stay
Accept my tender heart, to you I humbly pray ♥

Because you’re my first love and you’re the last
There’ll be no other beloved, I’ve pledged you my heart ♥