Destined to be One <3Destined to be One <3
We were destined to be one when time began
When God created this beautiful earth and man <3
There came the time, life tored us apart
Forever making us, each others, “split apart” <3
Still time chiseled your name upon my heart
Before sending us down for our lives to start <3
Years would go by and the hour grow late
Destiny beaconed and called upon our fate <3
Time came full circle for our souls to meet
We take not for granted this miraculous feat <3
For God had a plan at the beginning of time
That brought our hearts together and join your soul with mine <3
Once what was one, was split into two
I feel in my heart, I’m incomplete without you <3
Now what was made two, has again become one
Just as we were even before our time begun <3