once blue

My days of life once used to be grey
When nothing ever chased my blues away
My heart was heavy and full of pain
Felt in the dark clouds full of rain ♥

I would love to walk in the pouring rain
I could cry my heart out to ease my pain
I didn’t have to keep my emotions inside
The rain covered the tears that I cried ♥

I remember the day when I sat and cried
When suddenly the clouds did open wide
I no longer felt that feeling of despair
As I looked up you were standing there ♥

You came along and you brightened my day
My own ray of sunshine on that dismal day
Right behind you a rainbow shone bright
I knew now slowly things would come right ♥

So with my tears that fell like the rain
You dried up my tears and stopped my pain
Like the sun you set my world truly aglow
And created spectacular beautiful rainbow ♥