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From the very day I dreamt you
Seemed I will never forget you
Two souls joined in heaven above
Two hearts truly bound by love ♥

I see the stars deep in your eyes
My fire burns in the dark of night
You’ve become my strength and light
The wonders of your loving heart
The feeling that we’ll never part ♥

I keep thinking you all the time
Can’t believe you’re actually mine
The love I have for you is real
And as I say this I start to kneel ♥

I hold your hands and squeeze it tight
And gaze into your loving eyes
Now I have really figured out
That you, are my greatest prize ♥

You have filled the void in my heart
And I really don’t know how to start
I guess I’ll just have to come out and say
That I love you more each night and day ♥

I hope that you will take my hand
As I slip on your finger, this little band
It has no beginning, and it has no end
Just like my love for you, my best friend ♥

Now I have to take this chance
And tell you after all this romance
Beloved I want you always by my side
And so today I ask you to be my bride ♥