dark cloudsSlowly dark clouds filling the blue sky
They are slowly hiding the sullen sun behind
In every way he wants to come out and try
To melt the polar ice burgs outlined ♥

Lightning strikes, Thunder rolls
From above the fate for me is cast
Soon this Fate will be revealed
I pray my heart eventually will be yours ♥

The sky above is just waiting to burst
Even as thunder rolls, lightening strikes
Quenching thirst as nature is nursed
Drenching well enough in time to suffice ♥

Thunder rolls and lightnings strikes
I really wish to have you by my side
Hold me dear, comfort me, kiss me tight
Give you my heart beloved, as I close my eyes ♥

Now I feel the soothing pureness pour
Feeling this rainfall over my skin and soul
Making me feel rejuvenate to the core
I feel so much fresh with spirit as a whole ♥