gaze in your eyesAs into your eyes I gaze and feelings sway
I feel that everything else fades away
When I imagine your eyes like the deep sea
You’re the one who sets my spirit so free ♥

I always feel comfort of your loving arms
Your scented breath close upon my face
Your words float like dreams upon the wind
And those are spoken with such grace ♥

I know my life is reflected into your eyes
Like looking into the sparkling stars above
Such dazzling beauty does ever amaze
The stars, dance because your eyes I gaze ♥

As onto the lips, kiss of sweetest passion
And the mesmerizing love that we do share
It’s growing slowly deeper and deeper now
And I know its for always and shall be there ♥

Now in dreams I hold you so close to me
And slowly whisper loving words in your ear
Words truly never had more meaning dear
My beloved I love you so much without fear ♥

I certainly count myself among the blessed
To have found the one who makes me whole
And throughout this universe I dare to say
There is no other on whom my heart will sway ♥