dream - Copy - Copy

Come closer baby, Come a little closer
Come, let me gently whisper in your ear
Let me whisper softly noone else will hear
I long to hear your whisper which whimper ♥

Gentle echoes Of which you are least aware
I wish you here with me in the moonlit sky
Nothing matches the star shining in your eye
I feel your voice gentle warmth touching me ♥

Your Vibes, I feel when you’re there with me
Come closer baby, Come a little closer
Through the devotion from the stars above
Our passion we gonna share unites us as one
Fulfilling the desires is just so much fun ♥

I have given you the key to my frail heart
With the dream that we will never gonna part
Feel this love close, while hands held tight
No words are needed beloved between our hearts
our love will pass, like whispers in the wind ♥