fresh love

Yesterday night, when I closed my eyes
I dreamt and I saw a beautiful site
With only “you” and “I”, there
Holding each other so warmingly and tight ♥

Wishing you were here on this lonely night
So I could hold you gently and touch you right
Hoping you’d come to my arms very soon
So we could cuddle underneath the romantic moon ♥

Waiting for your love to come to me
For my love is to lonely to be
Needing just to feel your softened touch
Is the only thing that I need so much ♥

Longing to feel your passionate lips
That kiss me straight down to my fingertips
Yearning to feel your body real close
Touching my skin, like a silky rose ♥

Craving to see your heavenly eyes
That gently quiet all of my solemn cries
Lusting to smoothly caress your body tight
I just can’t wait to see you tonight ♥