Beautiful Story <3Beautiful Story <3
In the life’s stairway of despair
Thorough with broken heart affairs
So many promises that never came
But slowly faded, a touch of shame
She is a pretty girl with silky hair
And her innocence so sadly rare
She strove to keep her head above
That’s a way of life devoid of love <3

Emotions pinned against Life’s wall
And she chanced upon a robot tall
And said, Please come and share with me
Whatever fate is truly deemed to be
I’m through with love, done with chances
Soul crushed by wrong choices and romances
Just be truly a friend in word and deed
That’s all that I shall ever need <3

There’s not too much from me to learn
Softly remarked the robot, in return
Emotions really do not form a part
of my cold, solid steel heart
Whatever maker fashioned me
Did not permit my circuitry
Responsiveness to love or pain
Your thoughts for me would be in vain <3

No matter, spoke the maid, No more
Do I wish passion to explore
Be someone I can come home to
When my exhausting day is through
Count yourself a well worn shoe
A friend that I can slip into
Protection from a stone cold floor
For this I ask and nothing more <3

Agreement made, he took her hand
And lived the life that she had planned
Always willing, not demanding
Aiding her with understanding
He made her smile with humorous wit
As his program restrictions would permit
And, bit by bit, she came to feel
That he was more than iron and steel <3

I love you, robot, she at last
Replied when several months had passed
You’re strength and quiet dignity
Have brought a wondrous change in me
No more do I feel all alone
And pray you must be flesh and bone
Deep set emotions you must feel
Within that outer coat of steel <3

If I were able, I would say
I’m sorry I was made this way
But my design and programmation
Does not provide for that creation
Of feelings normal men may feel
That were not born of iron and steel
I told you all this once before
You have no right expecting more <3

Go, then! cried she, I won’t live
Beside a fiend who cannot give
Though I be battered by misuse
Misguided trust and strong abuse
At least the men I chose were real
And had the power to love and feel
Of all the lovers I recall
You are the cruelest one of all <3

The robot, indestructible
Continues freely and at will
Emotionless always, apparently
But, bearing closer scrutiny
One can see a small tear streak
Down that cold, metallic cheek
As many reflect upon their life <3