Dreaming YouBeautiful Story <3
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Upon my way I found an angel
Laying down over the sand
I saw her wings were broken
So I offered her my hand <3
Then I realized, she had been hurt
By her fall from grace
And I knew that she lost her way
Being in this place <3
Her halo seems a little disturbed
But could be repaired
All that it would take is
A little true love and care <3
So I helped her to her feet
And she put her hand in mine
I told her it’s fine dear
Healing may take some time <3
I asked her what happened
She told she’d lost her way
I told her I could relate
For I too had done the same <3
So we did talk for hours
Of things both good and bad
She told me of her lovely family
I told her of my mom and dad <3
We talked of childhood pleasures
We talked of days gone by
We talked of painful moments
That made us almost cry <3
The longer that we talked
And the more I fell in love
With this fallen angel that fell
From heaven up above <3
So that night when she fell asleep
I prayed without a sound
I asked god to let me keep
This fallen angel that I found <3
He said O’dear you did not find her
I put her in your way
So she could bring you back
From where you went astray <3
I really do not understand
Was all that I could say
She is the one who needed me
When I found her today <3
God replied Yes, Yes, My dear
I know that much is true
But the way that you saw her
Is the same way she saw you <3
He said You’ll understand
If you open your eyes and see
For you both are fallen angels
Brought together by destiny <3