Looking at your big bright beautiful smile
While I am walking my way down the isle
Many philosopher talks about love and life
And I feel proud to have you on my side ♥
We will be binded together in trust and love
While I remember the prayers to god above
Beloved we are joined in spirit and heart
Sooner just as we met, from the start ♥
Together forever till death do us part
How can you be so perfect, be loving me back
Without you, there’s just so much what I lack
You will always be the star in the night sky ♥
As the gentle sparkle I see in your eyes
Like a shadow by your side I’ll be there
O’beloved, we belong together truly forever ♥
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
There’s nothing else I would rather do
And promise you until the day that I die
We will be together hands in hand side by side ♥