Arrival of soft autumn breeze
Whispering gently in the ears
The weakness hitting my knees
As this special moment nears ♥

O beloved, I long to be with you
O beloved, words will never express
The feelings I have for you inside
I’ll give all, just to be with you ♥

O beloved, the closer you come
O beloved, the tighter you hold me
In dreams my body becomes numb
Like it was always meant to be ♥

In dreams as you come near
There’s a smile on my face
I know there is nothing to fear
When my heart begins to race ♥

These sounds become unheard
Feelings of dream I’ve had never
You say these special words ♥
That lasts in my heart forever
In dreams, our breathe slows down
And we are now face to face
Our feelings in love is renown ♥