Moon riseJust as the mighty moon rises each night
And even as clouds are caressed by its light
Then glowing, I’ll rise, becoming your dawn
Your curved sleeping form to smile upon ♥

For when I gaze at you then I would see
The starry candle lights of the night skies
That holds the colors of truth,love and purity
That is written in the colors of your eyes ♥

For each moment would seem an eternal bliss
And each breath is a lifetime of many moons
When embraced by my beloved loving charms
That greets me tender in the fragrant noons ♥

My hands would attend to your every teardrops
On rosy your cheeks that drips in the night
And when the mistless morning would rise
I’d fetch you a rose in the quivering light ♥

I’ll keep shining down with each breath you take
May I blaze in your dreams before you awake
And barely I gonna whisper, “Sleep well, my dear”
Your faithful beloved, I’ll always be here ♥