another dayAnother day has started, all its wonders I behold
the Sun is smiling down, he’s filling me with gold!
I’ve come out to say hello to an old time friend
I thank you for the rays, you splay and send ♥

You put spring under my step, as I transcend
Everything is beautiful, when Sunshine lights the skies
I’m blessed to see the world through enchanted eyes!
I see the little flowers as they shake off their dreams ♥

My spirit swims among all within their rainbow streams!
By the river that flows and grows in spirit in the sun
By the air that I breathe O dear you’re next to none
The air sings with their perfume in a fragrant melody ♥

I float in their sweetness like a love struck bumble bee!
The birds call out to greet as the Sun winks his hello
I’m happy just to be here to watch this morning grow! ♥

I truly derive so much heat when the day is done
Made of honey and comb, I feel so right with you at home
In a fields of mulched Roses, I penned down this poem
Slowly drinking sunshine in my heart and soul divine ♥