loveAngel’s Love Potion <3
Once an angel lost her feather
Maybe because of destiny <3
She disclosed to me,
An ancient age old love recipe <3
She formed a vessel out of fire
Made of purest gold <3
And filled it thoroughly with rain,
Delightful and cold <3
And then she added some leaves
Of real and purest passion <3
Blended it with fresh drops
Of youth and fashion <3
And after that the sweet syrup
Of hope and affection <3
And with it some pellets
Of despair and separation <3
And again some sugary cubes
Of bliss and happiness <3
And then a big dollop
Of dejection and sadness <3
And then a tinge
Of the pious and sacred <3
And some bitter spicy leaves
Of revenge and hatred <3
And then a dash of chivalry
And ultimate bravery <3
And some globules
Of sacrifice and knavery <3
Last of all a sprinkling
Of pure seduction dust <3
Completing the seasoning
With a sprig of tangy lust <3
Angel swelled with pride
With intoxicating motion <3
Calling the dirty brown liquid
As Angel’s love potion <3