angel22 - Copy - Copy

Like an angel sweet from the sky
You have blessed me with your presence
Now I’m too deep in love with you
And I’m stung by your very essence ♥

An angel wings which spread far and wide
An angels wings I truly need at my side
I long for you dear my angelic bride
I really long to see you now by my side ♥

Call me a fool in love but I am rushing in
Want to lock lips and indulged in sweet sin
You are my heart, my mind, my body and soul
Just fall into arms whenever days are cold ♥

I wish to be the first you see when you wake up
Mesmerized by your beauty without any makeup
I just thought I’d let you know to realize
You paint perfect picture reflected in my eyes ♥

You’re embedded into my poems, and in my dreams
You instilled motivation and strength to believe
That we go good together no matter the weather we weathered
For we make each other better, let this love not ever sever ♥