angelAngel of My Dreams <3
I have spent my life lively yet alone
The places where not too many cared
Then God made me see most beautiful angel
So that I would no longer have to be scared <3

When I met you and first time you talked me
I knew that something was happening so right
When God gave me the feelings of love
It was you beloved that he put in my sight <3

It really seems like I just met you
But feels like I have known you for years
It feels like I know everything about you
All of your hopes dreams and all your fears <3

Beloved just the simple thought of you
Makes my heart beats and light up inside
Knowing that this love I have for you
I can express freely and never have to hide <3

As I sit here on lappy and look at you
I ask myself dear what I truly see
Everything I have ever wished and wanted
Because an angel, God sent down to me <3