luv youAmid My Dreams <3
Whenever I sleep, amid my dreams
An image of you arrives it seems <3
You wake me up with kisses sweet
Your love for me is oh so deep <3
You wakes me with caresses light
Upon my skin and smiles so bright <3
Two souls joined in heaven above
Two hearts truly bound with love <3
I see the stars in your cute eyes
Fire burning in the dark of night <3
And in your eyes I see the love
You feel for me beneath stars above <3
I came with you to a gentle place
And kiss your slender neck and face <3
I cuddled you and touched your soul
For together we two become a whole <3
The love we made is deep and true
And in this embrace our love renew <3
When all is done and all’s been said
Over your laps I gently rest my head <3
And hear your heart beat for me alone
A greater love, I have never known <3