Again going to be alone tonight
I wish to see your face
Another day will pass me by
I’m trapped in this dark place ♥

Weekdays slowly strolls by
Weekend is nothing but a blur
Others wants to speak to me
But I can not concur ♥

I’m missing you like crazy
I can’t wait so much I know
I want this time to pass away
so that this loneliness can go ♥

Days spent by so slow
O’dear forget about the nights
I lay awake everyday at night
Hoping and praying you’re alright ♥

I know I am sounding crazy
But these feelings are bottled so well
I cannot hold them any longer
I’m deeply in you, I fell ♥

The feelings in my heart
I’ve never felt for someone else
The humbleness and love
Is more than I’ve ever felt ♥

I want to let you know
That I miss you so much
I just want you to know
I’m longing for your touch ♥

I really want you to know
The best I’ve till now, is you
And that when you ever leave
I think and dream of you ♥