love poem

Alluring glance from the eyes
Appearing dark and so deep
Puts me under your very spell
My world is now spinning around ♥

One smile from your sweet lips
My heart now skipped a beat
With your charming feminine spell
knocking me right off my feet ♥

One word, just one good look
I gonna fly out of control
And your charming magical spell
Truly touched my heart and soul ♥

Your voice of pure velvet
My thoughts are now drifting
Your magic and laughter
Ah your joy so uplifting ♥

For your magic and charm
Your feminine ways
Gonna enchant me captivate me
Throughout the days ♥

My heart is now yours
My love is yours to keep
For the power of your magic
That moved me so deep ♥

For the love in your eyes
Sent me out of control
And your magical spell
Played the harp in my soul ♥