loveAll of my life I’ve been waiting
For my love to come knocking
Down on my knees I have been praying
That you never gonna say you’ll be leaving ♥

Past Karm, Destiny or Chemistry..I don’t know
I only knew that you are meant for me
From glowing embers of the beautiful you
I always felt a little warmth of your love ♥

It is well known that nothing is forever
But I eternally never believe that’s really true
From the day I opened my heart and let you in
There I witnessed in heart love starting to begin ♥

I have opened my heart’s eyes to a vision of you
I hope and always pray your feelings are true
True love is blind, it waits before your eyes
But in the outside world, you only see disguise ♥

From those moments I interacted, the feeling starts
Ah true love is found in your souls and your hearts
Peeping through the time window when we first met
I believe those were the days I never gonna forget  ♥