loveAll About Love <3
Love is so unpredictable
Unexplainable even unattainable
Love is patient, love is kind
Love truly soothes life and mind <3

Love exists in our lives
From the moment we are born
From the cradle to the cremation
Love is there in everyone <3

Love lights like a candle
That sometimes flickers, never dies
Love might be invisible
Although it’s right before your eyes <3

Love can leave you empty
Love can make you whole
Love can make or break you
Love truly resides in your soul <3

Love is in your heart
Love is there in the mind
Love doesn’t discriminate
Love is always blind <3

Love is so universal
It encompasses the globe
No matter where you are
Love has the language of its own <3

Love is everywhere around you
There’s plenty of love to spare
You cannot see or touch it
But love is truly everywhere <3

Love’s the greatest power
And yet it is so small
Love’s a gift from God
To be shared amongst us all <3