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Life’s Rule <3


Life’s Rule <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Smile, everyone gonna smile with you Cry, and sure you will cry alone <3 The sad old world must borrow it’s mirth But got trouble enough of its own <3 Sing, and the mountains will answer Sigh, sometimes it is lost in the air <3 The echoes bound to a joyful […]

My Dream <3

When I Dreamt You

My Dream <3 ~~~~~~~ I dream to love you for all my life Wake up everyday with you by my side <3 Listening to heart beats against mine I dream so many thing and wanna say <3 But my mind goes completely blank Where my heart with love simply sank <3 I sometimes wonder if […]

Wings of Love <3

Fairy Talked To Me

Wings of Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Over the wings of the love My feelings for you flies Soaring higher and higher And touching the blue skies I see the colors of the rainbow A point of no darkness or shadows <3   Like mountains, troubles stood tall Fears appear now like an ant so small All […]

Love in Air <3


Love in Air <3 ~~~~~~~~ Love is truly in the air And you may feel it everywhere It’s truly just a blessing To have someone in life Who cares <3   Love is truly in the air Its all around and everywhere Love is something you should share I know this that you really care […]

Love Life <3

Love Life <3 ~~~~~~~~ Beloved whenever I dream, you’re my only desire In my life now you gonna be only one to inspire In heart I embraced this love so open and strong I will never think of anyone else ever lifelong <3 When you’re far still I know you’ll be in touch At night […]

Love You <3

Love you

Love You <3 ~~~~~~~~ My saddest days Turn very bright <3 In the darkest nights You are my light <3   When I’m confused You make me see <3 When I’m in doubt You make me believe <3   When you’re with me I’m filled with happiness <3 When we’re apart I’m overwhelmed with emptiness […]

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