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Your Dreams <3


Your Dreams <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Your dreams fills me with hope And truly help me to cope When life starts to pull me down Your sheer thoughts bring me around <3   In dreams you teach me to care And also help me to share You teach me to be honest With kindness truly at very […]

Your Love <3

your smile

Your Love <3 ~~~~~~~~ When the sunshine fills the morning sky When the black night says its goodbye When I gaze into your beautiful eyes I intuitively know how good day will go by <3   When the cool breeze stirs the trees When the leaves fly in the breeze When I really don’t have […]

Luv Defined <3

Love Defined

Luv Defined <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love often leaves you with much to desire At first, it sets your heart over afire You think your love is steadfast and strong Then you realize how things can go wrong <3 When true love hits, you’ll be sure to know Because true love has much more to show True […]

Love Poems 4 U <3

Love Poems 4 U

Love Poems 4 U <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Penning love in poems Where should I start With innermost feelings I’m enclosing my heart <3   Gathering dreamy thoughts With the moonlight glow I reached from my heart Soon the love began to flow <3   In giving of my devotion Whenever I write to you With every […]

Sweet Love <3

Sweet Love

Sweet Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Sweet love that’s burning in my heart Which longs to come out of the door A love that wants to come out to love you Like you’ve never been loved before <3 This love of mine is yearning for you Wants to come out and capture your heart Is longing to […]

Sweet love <3

When I Dreamt You

Sweet love <3 ~~~~~~~~~ These special words I have to say to you That means so much to me Because I know they are true <3 You appeared in my dreams And now you keep coming back But I could not understand it fully It seems my stupidity holding me back <3 I just want […]

Love Pledge <3

What is Love

Love Pledge <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ I tried to discover to no avail For the words to tell this tale <3 I have sought them in their nooks In the pages of google and books <3 But all my quest has been denied For there, sure they did not hide <3 To express for one, so smitten […]

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