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I Long To Forever Stay <3

Love Song

I Long To Forever Stay <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beloved you’re the one, my dreams are made of Full of understanding, warmth and love These feelings I thought for only fairytales But you are the breeze that fill my sails <3   The soulful honesty shared between us two Gonna keep this connection very dear and true […]

Love <3


Love <3 ~~~~ For many love is just so weird It’s something they have never felt We get this weird tingly feeling That makes our heart and soul melt <3   Every time we talk to our beloved Our hearts get filled with joy We never know why we get their feeling It’s better than […]

Beloved <3

dream of you

Beloved <3 ~~~~~~ Beloved from such a long long time I’ve been dreaming, nearness to you This grand glorious wishful feeling Is just so very good to be true <3   In dreams, your arms wrapped around me And you hold me so close and tight I could feel your elegant, warm body Everything seems […]

Your Dreams <3

Your Dreams

Your Dreams <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ In dreams your eyes mesmerizes me In dreams your smile lights my life Your dreams truly gets me buzzing You help me let go of my strife <3 This relationship will grow strong With intensity in it so very deep Bonding will be like million years old It will continue till […]

Heart <3


Heart <3 ~~~~ The heart is a fragile thing Every heart is often broken By actions that one shouldn’t make Or words that shouldn’t be spoken <3   The heart is a fragile thing And more than not it breaks By the pain that someone causes And the tears that pain creates <3   My […]

Fear <3

Kbhi Yu Hi @

Fear <3 ~~~~ If you fear losing something you love Like their rejection would be no surprise Even if they never tell it out loud One may figure out by look in their eyes 🙂   Introspect the anxiety is due to some action We must think during the walks of the life We would […]

Dream Love <3


Dream Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Position your soul within mine Peep out through my wandering eyes See through the vision of my love This love will truly make us shine <3   Can you feel the flame of my love Burn and burst within your veins Close your eyes wrap your arms Sculpture me with your […]

Just You <3


Just You <3 ~~~~~~~ I caught myself thinking about you I do love all the things you do When I first met you I felt I known you forever Sharing my secrets which I never wanted ever <3 Over a period of time I got to know the real you A girl so caring and […]

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