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Love’s Footsteps <3


Love’s Footsteps <3 ——————— Your footsteps from a distance Heading towards me slowly in my heart The path seems quiet, since a while Shadows of silence, lay miles and miles <3   For this love I have spread Petals of thought and dreams to pick Beautiful memories will be etched Over the ground you tread […]

Idea Of Love <3

You Are

Idea Of Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Pre-occupied with The idea of true love Romance and ritual Is hard to discern <3   Faith a kind of belief In the unseen Seen is held mirror to What you foresee <3   Understand the rhythm Of love from me While the wind blows Free across the sea <3 […]

You <3

Forever Stay

You <3 ~~~ The sound of my heart Hitting me out of the blue It’s amazing feeling I’m allowing myself for you <3   I think of you every second And also in every breath For you I would stare Even into the face of death <3   I have left myself open Entrenched by […]

Be With Me <3


Be With Me <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Be with me beloved in my dreams tonight Where love elopes and hopes fly high We gonna tell a tale of ecstasy To fill this void from you to me <3   Be in my dreams beloved, I’ll wait You’ll find me in this abstract state With you, time is […]

No Clue <3

Love Poem

No Clue <3 ~~~~~~ In dreams you’re by my side, Feels so right <3 I see your innocence beloved, Feels so light <3   Your elegance, your radiance, I truly adore <3 I look at you more, each look, I see you more <3   Your silhouetted body shines In the moonlit night <3 Your […]

Love <3

Love in Life

Love <3 ~~~~ Friends come in life as blessing At least that’s what poets say What about the true love feeling Would it also turn out that way <3   Some inspiration here and there And lots of casual conversation Together the time goes by so fast Beautiful moments mesmerize relation <3   You begin […]

Forever Love <3

I Pray For Dreams To Come True

Forever Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Love feelings are very special We feel it so deep in our heart It’s not a love you were seeking But a love where fate played a part <3   Such a warm and glorious feeling Whenever that person is near You know they’ll never know This is the way you […]

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