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Dream <3

watch you sleeping

Dream <3 ~~~~~~ With shinning sun that sets and hides Start a new voyage in moonlit light Little away from the dew splattered window I’m dreaming of being together, we unite <3   As I taste the sweetness of your neck I see in your eyes, the love so genuine I ran my fingers through […]

Heart’s Story <3


Heart’s Story <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Without any clue love sneaks up on you Like a rampant summer warm storm Suddenly, you feel that sensual glow Which makes your heart feel so warm <3   Then we have love, love at first sight You meet your beloved and you know This is the one who was chosen […]

For You <3

True Love

For You <3 ~~~~~~ If I’ve the real status of a king There’s so much beloved, I gonna do I will surely build you a royal castle High up on a green beautiful hill While all of your dreams I’ll fulfill <3   If I become a captain, on a ship in the sea You’d […]

Thoughts <3


Thoughts <3 ~~~~~~~~ With thoughts of you crossing my mind Night feels warm, morning a welcome smile See flowers dance in the morning breeze Hold me in arms with a big tight squeeze <3   Feel the sensitivity of these feelings Alongwith the warmth of the morning dawn I always long to open eyes in […]

Love <3

You're Special

Love <3 ~~~~ Heartful feelings every night Which I really need to write Worded tokens I do convey Both in true love and light <3   Words expressed with sincerity Together with continuous flow Hoping to keep in touch The only way beloved I know <3   Each poem of love written I send on […]

Love <3

What is Love

Love <3 ~~~~ If I have to die tomorrow Baby I would go content Knowing that I understood Exactly what love meant <3   I said repeatedly I love you But these words can’t reveal The measure of my devotion That you will come to feel <3   You’re first breath when I wake My […]

You’re Everything <3

Love in Your Arms

You’re Everything <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beloved I long to tell you I wish to hold you in my arms I gonna do whatever it takes To protect you from life’s harms <3   Your serenity is something to behold I simply melt when I see your smile Oh beloved, your eyes speak volumes And you’re truly […]

Love Conveyed <3

You're Reason Enough

Love Conveyed <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beloved I always wished for Your heart meeting mine Being there for one another No matter dear what time <3   Wish to talk heart to heart Sharing together love and light It gave the feeling of affinity That will always feel so right <3   I wanna spend the years […]

Lost in You <3

I Love You Most

Lost in You <3 ~~~~~~~~~ I’m lost in you beloved I’m yours to be Lost as a star During the day you see <3   But not lost yet Although I long to be Or may be lost as a Droplet in the sea <3   I hope you truly love me Day and in […]

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