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Envelop Me <3

love expression

Envelop Me <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Gently envelope your soul with mine Seek the love through my eyes See with the vision of my love This all will surely make me shine <3   Do you feel the love flames Burning and bursting within veins <3 Now slowly close your eyes Wrap your arms, around me Sculpture […]

Love <3

How Much I Love You

Love <3 ~~~~ What you see, that glitters Isn’t always the gold But..if forever it lasts Then I feel, it is love <3   What you see, that shimmers Isn’t always the diamonds But…if it sparkles and shines While the sparks coming in her eyes Then I feel, it is love <3   When you […]

Whenever <3

Your Forever

Whenever <3 ~~~~~~~~ When you find the night runs deep and cold While the world around you is tearing your soul Bring your heart to me, my arms are there to hold I gonna cover you and envelop you with my love <3   When your trust has been completely betrayed And false friends turns […]

Consider <3

May I

Consider <3 ~~~~~~~ Consider me as your morning Consider me as your night Consider me holding you close For the rest of your life <3   Consider me as the sunshine On your spilly rainy day Consider me the gentle breeze Which will carry your pain away <3   Consider me as the laughter That […]

Listen to My Heart <3

Anjaani si

Listen to My Heart <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I like the taste of icecream Butter scotch or cookies cream <3   The sweet light of morning Slowly dawning in my dreams But I love you, Darling Really more than anything <3   I like meeting new people I love my old friends I like toy train whistles […]

Love for You <3

Your Shadow

Love for You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ This love for you beloved Just growing each and every day Life without you seems so empty While I realize you are away <3   My heart sometimes aches so To hold you in these arms tight I miss the love I dream to share Every moment of the day […]

Dream <3

Feeling in Heaven ♥

Dream <3 ~~~~~~~ I had a dream that will surely come true I dreamed you loved me the way I loved you <3   Moonlight mist fell over the land I looked at you and you took my hand <3   We walked through the bright milky way Side by side when you started to […]

Crazy About You <3

You're the Pearl of My Heart

Crazy About You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know you will not agree, you’re exactly like me You too are afraid of your trust turning to misery <3   And though I’ve been honest the entire way through I forgot to mention beloved that I’m crazy for you <3   I’m crazy for your vulnerability because it […]

Sweet Morning <3

Sweet Morning

Sweet Morning ❤ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enliven from sleeping pleasure Morning sun is peeking through I cradled in your warmth As I snuggle up dear beside you ❤ Embraced in the morning light In the glow of beautiful sunrise I glanced slowly across to you And met the desire in your eyes ❤ As we lingered over […]

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