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Point Of No Return <3

Point Of No Return

Point Of No Return <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hold my heart, Wrap it up tight Embrace it throughout the day and night Love it, protect it, like it’s your own Save it, Don’t let it turn to a stone <3 I know that you really belong to me And I wish deep inside that you could see […]

Heartbeats <3


Heartbeats <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Shinning moon smiles these stars always shine Imagination is the key We can share every time <3 With pleasures flowing Inner feelings glow Our love affair in words And heartbeats in tempo <3 Dancing with your tune In rhythm and rhyme Capturing the intimacy Our hearts will combine <3 Waltzing to heart […]

Relax <3


Relax <3 ~~~~~~ Troubled to see the painful situation From the confusions in your heart And I would truly love to fix it Just can’t understand where to start <3 Every time you let me in a little You shut me off right back out And it really makes me wanna scream I’m sensible, not […]

Somehow <3


Somehow <3 ~~~~~~~~ Somehow if you are finally mine The sun would brightly shine All the dark clouds would disappear Amidst the clear blue skies <3   Sweet lullabies Would be the music in the air We’d laugh and sing The sound of spring <3   I’d whistle through high pine trees We’d have a […]

Dreaming You <3

Dreaming You

Dreaming You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dreaming you in my mind I’m trying to write a song Time stands still suddenly Making me feel so strong <3 Song echoes in whispers While the breeze blows in Stirred in a moment I am In the skies, I’m soaring <3 Amidst the bright sky I see us together playing […]

Lost in You <3

Lost in You

Lost in You <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Lost in your eternal sweetness I feel now total completeness Beloved I touch your desire So let me plunge into your fire <3   From deep down in my soul To the ends of every strand of hair I quiver with excitement Of the feeling of you being there <3 […]

Soulful Dream <3

Soulful Dream

Soulful Dream <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Never thought I’d feel this way It seemed like such sweet bliss Does anyone can give it a miss When heart wishes a sweet kiss <3   Maybe its not the right atmosphere With big bright full moon up above Or maybe it was not the right time That can sweeten […]

Love Song <3

Love Song

Love Song <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Enticed by the pleasure This has been my choice You make me captivated In your rhythms of voice <3 Whilst playing the guitar Alongside you I kneel As I sway to the beat Love and desire I feel <3 Words soothing my soul Loving eyes I convey Embracing every note Fingers […]

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