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Love Unwind <3

Love Unwind

Love Unwind <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ You know every day circles in constant motion Unrested and swinging rounds of commotion <3   Feels like spinning spools of rushed spaces They are forever in rhythm as time chases <3   I may seem tired with mind, but I never relent I will go on with my ways, ever […]

Love Feeling <3

Love Feeling

Love Feeling <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ I wish everyone should fall in love It’s amazing to soar in it like a dove Love only takes us higher and higher Feel the vibration and energy flier <3 Right from early morning, till sleep We give and pass so much in love Just a good morning from love makes […]

Don’t be Sad <3

Don't be Sad

Don’t be Sad <3 ~~~~~~~~~ So many miles between us And wait keeps us apart Nothing can ever change This love inside my heart <3 I am not there with you Every minute of the day But you’re always here with me In at least a thousand ways <3 You can yourself feel it This […]

Love Canopy <3

Love Canopy

Love Canopy <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Under the rainbow of Love A unique place of my dreams Beautiful place to stray about Through the romantic sunbeams <3 Enchanted with the spell of poems And with sweet music and songs A place you’d like to stay For the years together lifelong <3 No worries here and no hatred […]

Love’s Deceit <3


Love’s Deceit <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ After all wrong choices and the lessons learned Through all the heartache and memories burned Beloved open your heart and risk love’s deceit Or still gonna lick your wounds, accept defeat <3 After all the tears you cried, the broken pride Through all the times they’ve lied, pain inside could you […]

How Much I Love You <3

Love You True

How Much I Love You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You’ll never know how much I love you But I wanted to let you know The extent of my feelings for you I gonna try to pen down for you so <3   Beloved have you ever wondered How much your dream mate can love you My sweet, […]

No Matter What <3

A Wish

No Matter What <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No matter what dear <3 I choose to be with you In your slimy dimly life <3 I want to be your light To make it full with delight <3 I will always wake for you No matter what subdue <3 Just to see your innocent smile I can wait […]

In My Dreams<3

Dreams Opens Thousand Doors

In My Dreams<3 ~~~~~~~~~ Everytime I gaze the same stars It’s the same moon which shines thru Everytime in dreams you’re in my arms But, beloved tell me, where are you <3 What’s good in the moon without you What good are all the stars above My heart is eching, oh it’s so lonely Waiting […]

Love You <3

Love You

Love You <3 ~~~~~~~ My saddest days Turn very bright <3 In the darkest nights You are my light <3   When I’m confused You make me see <3 When I’m in doubt You make me believe <3   When you’re with me I’m filled with happiness <3 When we’re apart I’m overwhelmed with emptiness […]

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