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You Make Me Beautiful <3

Forever Stay

You Make Me Beautiful <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s hard for me to comprehend What really I feel inside The only thing I understand is Where my heart knows to hide <3 But after meeting you in dreams I feel words flowing with ease You understand and listen Yet you play and you tease <3 You’re wonderful […]

Love Dream <3

Love in Your Arms

Love Dream <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Soaring above the starry skies I’m singing angel’s lullabies I’m enchanted by your dreams And waded deep in diamond streams <3   I hear the laughter of star’s play And danced upon the sunlit rays I hear the echo of silver chimes As destiny and love intertwined <3   I touched […]

Long To Forever Stay <3

Long To Forever Stay

Long To Forever Stay <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Beloved you’re the one, my dreams are made of Full of understanding, warmth and love These feelings I thought for only fairytales But you are the breeze that fill my sails <3   The soulful honesty shared between us two Gonna keep this connection very dear and true […]

Walking Together <3

Walk With Me

Walking Together <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stroll together in the path of life And explore every bend of the road Mesmerize yourself with the beauty of life Winter’s beauty will change your mode <3   Discover comfort with me, arms in arms When grief and pain crosses our path Strengthen yourself with each other’s strength While despair […]

You are the Blessing <3

You & Me

You are the Blessing <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will be one true love My life time favorite girl You’re a gift from God above Truly a blessing in my world <3   You’re answer to my prayers Like an angel’s song to sing Like a breath of fresh air You’re the beauty of the spring <3 […]

Dreaming You <3

Dreaming You

Dreaming You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dreaming you in my mind I’m trying to write a song Time stands still suddenly Making me feel so strong <3   Song echoes in whispers While the breeze blows in Stirred in a moment I am In the skies, I’m soaring <3   Amidst the bright sky I see us […]

Sweet Love <3

True Love

Sweet Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Wishing to tempt the hands of fate To take you out on a lovely date Acting like a perfect charming man I gonna be as romantic as I can <3   I wish to present you the flowers And walk with you in winter showers Hold your hand and open the […]

Love Poem <3

Love Poem

Love Poem <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Penning love in poems Where should I start With innermost feelings I’m enclosing my heart <3   Gathering dreamy thoughts With the moonlight glow I reached from my heart Soon the love began to flow <3   In giving of my devotion Whenever I write to you With every word I […]

Intuitive Love <3

Intuitive Love

Intuitive Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ When the sunshine fills the morning sky When the black night says its goodbye When I gaze into your beautiful eyes I intuitively know how good day will go by <3   When the cool breeze stirs the trees When the leaves fly in the breeze When I really don’t have […]

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