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Love Destiny <3

dream love

Love Destiny <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our love will stay pure and clear You are my destiny I need not fear <3 Forever and always I’ll stay strong For you beloved you are my real bond <3   Through clouds above and stars beyond My love, the thing I’m always fond <3 Will stick with together forever […]

Whenever <3


Whenever <3 ~~~~~~~~ Whenever you feel run down Remember always I am there Hoping to lift your spirits With lots of love and cheer <3   We must always hold close Like the stars in skies Remember nothing or no one Can ever sever these ties <3   In the good times or bad Love […]

Zindagi <3


Zindagi <3 ~~~~~~ Kisi ka kadd sabki nazar me umra bhar chota rha …Kyuki unke jeene ka andaaz hi khota rha <3   Kuch utar kar apni chhat se parvato jaise hue …Aur koi ghamand ke chalte sadaa chota rha <3   Hauslo ke bal pe kuch akaash ka rukh kar gye …Aur koi pankh […]

I am an Artist <3


I am an Artist <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am an artist Art is a part of me During my free time It’s my personal therapy <3 Pen and the paper Being the instruments With them I voice love and amusements <3 Nature is my inspiration I write with punctuation And without denunciation I am an artist […]

Thoughts <3

When I Dreamt You

Thoughts <3 ~~~~~~~~ When I sleep and dream you in bed at night When you’ll arrive, seems nowhere in sight <3   And I toss and turn, just dreaming of you opening eye’s, checking, my dream came true <3   Ah it didn’t, again, a tear starts to roll weeping quietly beloved.. my pillow I […]

Live your Dreams <3

Live your Dreams

Live your Dreams <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want to see you live your dreams Find your adventure, but don’t flow down a stream <3 Achieve greatness in life and be happy To make your dreams true, never to step back Touch the sky which is blue, aiming your life’s track <3 I want to be a […]

Wonderful Gift of Love <3


Wonderful Gift of Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Without any clue love sneaks up on you Like a rampant summer warm storm Suddenly, you feel that sensual glow <3   Which makes your heart feel so warm Then we have love, love at first sight You meet your beloved and you know <3   This is the […]

Walk With Me <3

Walk With Me

Walk With Me <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Walk with me, the path of destiny Please share your soul with me Tell me what you really stand for And what you have come to be <3 Walk with me, the path of life To discover every bend of the road Enjoy together the beauty of life Along with […]

Tere Sapne <3

Tere Sapne

Tere Sapne <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Sapno ke jhrokho mein milta hai meet koi <3 Dil ke tarango se bajta hai sangeet koi <3 Jaise paani ko tarasta hai pankshi pyaasa <3 Waise maangu tujhe mil jaaye tu zaraa sa <3 Jahaa dekhu aata hai tu hi bus nazar <3 Tere liye kitna hu betaab tujhe kya […]

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