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Imagination Unleashed <3

You & Me

Imagination Unleashed <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beyond the stars sits a dream Two souls holding hands as they lean <3   One breath shared by two Melted into a sky being painted blue <3   While in the shade morning still hides See you again on the other side <3   In my morning dreams you are […]

Without You <3


Without You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Without you my love, I wouldn’t know What a true love really meant I’d never feel this inner peace I couldn’t ever be content <3 Without you my love, I’d never have Dreamt the pleasures of romance I’d miss the bliss, the craziness Of love’s sweet, silly dance <3 I wish […]

Khwaish <3

Will Do the Rest

Khwaish <3 ~~~~~~~~ Apni julfo ke saaye me ji lene do Khushboo bhri hawao me saans lene do Kaun jaane zindagi ki shaam kis gli ho Chirag ulfat ke tab talak zla lene do <3   Chaand baadlo se nikle gesu chehre se hta do Thahro do pal chaandni ka didaar karne do Sharmaayi si […]

Reciprocate Love <3


Reciprocate Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One Way love can never thrive It needs the reciprocation And so in order to survive Love truly needs affirmation <3   Leave your cautions to the sky Let your heart and soul command Come dance with me with open arms And display with me your charms <3   Candles low […]

You are Beautiful <3

Wings of Love

You are Beautiful <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Look at the butterfly, as she flutters by Vividness of its beauty seen by my eye Red rose in full bloom and a moonlit sky <3   I’m down on my knee, giving thanks above Professing to all, the songs of the love <3   Your beautiful aura, your sweet […]

Sweet Morning <3


Sweet Morning <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good morning dear The new day is here And all that I wish for Is to draw you near <3 If I could have all the time I know just what I gonna do I’d spend all my time Just being here with you <3 I never knew true happiness I […]

All About Love <3


All About Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love is so unpredictable Unexplainable even unattainable Love is patient, love is kind Love truly soothes life and mind <3 Love exists in our lives From the moment we are born From the cradle to the cremation Love is there in everyone <3 Love lights like a candle That sometimes […]

I wonder <3

moon love

I wonder <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Now a days I wonder, what all I feel about you Little afraid of the feelings, because it’s still new Trying to understand, pondering over best way to share Hoping you’ll understand me, showing you really care And then I try to drag my thoughts back to reality I’m back to […]

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