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Together <3

Forever Stay

Together <3 ~~~~~~~~ Together my beloved, you and me Beneath the silver of the night sky For you my sweetheart, I would die While picking the stars from the sky <3   There’s a special kind of happiness That only true love can bring In dreams I see that happiness with you You are my […]

Strengthening Me <3

Strengthening Me

Strengthening Me <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You are special in every way Strengthening me every passing day I care about you so much And love your hearts touch <3   I wish we are always together But our love must last forever I don’t know how I can repay you I tell you this because its true […]

Its True <3

Its True

Its True <3 ~~~~~~ Mornings will come and will fade true But I will always be there for you Everyday the sun gonna rise And with time It will go down too <3   But I will always be there for you You’re radiant like the morning sun Sweetheart, you are truly the one <3 […]

So Much in Luv <3

So Much in Luv

So Much in Luv <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I gaze into your eyes Tomorrow is all I see I wish you could know, beloved Just what you mean to me <3 When I see your smiling face When I gaze into your eyes My heart just misses a beat And I feel the butterflies <3 You […]

Spoken Words <3

Waiting for You

Spoken Words <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spoken words alone cannot express what I feel This heart is aching, needing what is real Time flies by, although right by your side But in times like this, that I just cant deny <3   Spoken words alone cannot express what I feel This longing and the love I have […]

Love You Always <3

Your Dreams

Love You Always <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If love were like the flowing water I would love to build you a fountain And if love were like the stone I would love to carve the mountain <3   If questioning love would make us wise No eyes would ever gaze in our eyes If all our tale […]

Longing for You <3

love untold

Longing for You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gazing out the window tonight Staring into the heavens above Wondering if I’m lucky enough To be blessed by the true love <3   I sit here gazing out the window Instead of working, daydreaming you Wondering if you in your own world And there you’re thinking of me too […]

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