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Vision of a Angel <3

angel poem

Vision of a Angel <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Having traveled so far and long Dreaming the visions of an angel And the feeling of her softness She’d smell of the perfect rose I’ve looked, I won’t settle for less I lived so far knowing in my heart You were out there just waiting And walked further than […]

Lighting Beacon <3

Lighting Beacon

Lighting Beacon <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a lighting beacon you brighten my life I adore you my beloved and my sweet-heart You will make all my days worthwhile And I wish and hope we’ll never ever part <3 My angel on this earth, my wonderful one To you my beloved no one can compare Have faith […]

Lost in the Love <3

Lost in the Love

Lost in the Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I lost myself within your dreams Finding myself in the clouds above Love is powerful and something very true Your charms I witness shining through <3 My arms holding you like nothing before This love I know you can no longer ignore I tried very hard right from the […]

Keep Faith <3

Keep Faith

Keep Faith <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Fear of elevation from mountains high To the mesmerizing valleys down below We are searching for love and comfort What awaits on the way, we do not know <3 We all long for love but fear the fall Not ever knowing this, who will stay An answered prayer like a gift […]

Half & Half <3

Half & Half

Half & Half <3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Half & Half is how we gonna roll Such story of life will definitely be foretold There are thoughts in my mind everlasting A long life with you is all I’m asking <3   A little time here, a little time there Us spending time together and not even care […]

You’re Reason Enough <3

You're Reason Enough

You’re Reason Enough <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I never realized how close love is to me I raised up my arms to reach the sky I wish to touch the love on a single star The night is special and I wish to fly <3   This night light I know, keeps us safe The light which […]

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