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Sweet Luv <3

Sweet Luv

Sweet Luv <3 ~~~~~~~~ When I’ll wake up every morning I gonna watch you for a while Then I’ll kiss you very lightly And see your lips to slowly smile <3   You will ask what the time is And I gonna whisper in your ear That the hours hardly matters When you’re lying warm […]

Love <3

Sweet Luv

Love <3 ~~~~ Love truly is a mysterious emotion very difficult to tell if it’s real Many times it just creeps up on you And you can’t believe the joy in you <3   Some time you feel very sad and blue You can’t keep tears coming out true Sometimes everything seems to go wrong […]

Special Place <3

Waiting for You

Special Place <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ There is a special place Which only me and you know As the sunset descended We will bask in the glow <3   Hand in hand we will stroll At every end of the day We will watch the night unfold A golden sky lit over the bay <3   It’s […]

Fell In Love <3

Longing For You

Fell In Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~ I fell in love with you forever Leave you, it will be never <3   You are the beating to my heart The easel to my art <3   You are the smile upon my face Whenever I feel sorry or sad <3   You are the light that brings […]

You’re My All <3

You & Me

You’re My All <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Beloved you’re my all And will always be Whatever may befall I’ll be there to see <3   When you feel alone Just hit me up Through text or phone, I’ll be there In days of darkness, I’ll be your sun <3   Whatever you ask me, I’ll get it […]

Cold Morning <3

Cold Morning

Cold Morning <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ As I walk out one fine morning Dew drops fell on my face Wants to love me with her soft touch Wants to love me with her coldness <3   Then after walking for a while I saw 2 puppies sucking mother’s nipple They ran after me in a playful way […]

You Make Me Beautiful <3

Dreaming You

You Make Me Beautiful <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s hard for me to comprehend What really I feel inside The only thing I understand is Where my heart knows to hide <3   But after meeting you in dreams I feel words flowing with ease You understand and listen Yet you play and you tease <3   […]

Love Life <3

Love Life

Love Life <3 ~~~~~~~~ Beloved whenever I dream, you’re my only desire In my life now you gonna be only one to inspire In heart I embraced this love so open and strong I will never think of anyone else ever lifelong <3 When you’re far still I know you’ll be in touch At night […]

Angel <3


Angel <3 ~~~~~~ Baby you’re truly my Angel and my Love You’re more beautiful than a soaring dove <3 You keep my heart racing and beating My feelings for you will never be fleeting <3   You are truly my angel, my one and only My forever love, so we’ll never be lonely <3 You’ve […]

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