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I Treasure Your Love <3

I Treasure Your Love

I Treasure Your Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If I have to die tomorrow Baby I would go content Knowing that I understood Exactly what love meant <3   I said repeatedly I love you But these words can’t reveal The measure of my devotion That you will come to feel <3   You’re first breath when […]

Dreaming You <3

Dreaming You

Dreaming You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ With shinning sun that sets and hides <3   Start a new voyage in moonlit light Little away from the dew splattered window <3   I’m dreaming of being together, we unite As I taste the sweetness of your neck <3   I see in your eyes, the love so genuine […]

Keep Dreaming <3

Keep Dreaming

Keep Dreaming <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ll love you forever, my sweet While my heart will be beaming Beautiful times will only come If together we keep on dreaming <3   The light beacon in my heart Is now flickering like a candle I know that all this restlessness Is more than what it can handle <3 […]

You’re the Pearl of My Heart <3

You're the Pearl of My Heart

You’re the Pearl of My Heart <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stepping over the soft and sandy shore Enveloped in darkness of a midnight blue Gazing over the sea in its calm azure shining in the rhythm of the moon’s allure <3 The glistening moon casts its magical rays Reflecting sparkle to shells on the silvery way I’m […]

I Love You Most <3

I Love You Most

I Love You Most <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I like the taste of icecream Butter scotch or cookies cream <3 The sweet light of morning Slowly dawning in my dreams But I love you, Darling Really more than anything <3 I like meeting new people I love my old friends I like toy train whistles Blowing around […]

Love You True <3

Love You True

Love You True <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sometimes I wonder my darling Just where you will be tonight Wish you were here besides me Taking me in arms holding tight <3   Your living place is far from me I really don’t know exactly where I know you’re also thinking of me We have a special love, […]

Love Rhythm <3

Love Rhythm

Love Rhythm <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ You know every day circles in constant motion Unrested and swinging rounds of commotion <3 Feels like spinning spools of rushed spaces They are forever in rhythm as time chases <3 I may seem tired with mind, but I never relent I will go on with my ways, ever content <3 […]

Love Wonders <3

Love Wonders

Love Wonders <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love! you are a great magician Truly you create so many wonders Sometimes I feel on top of the world Sometimes you make me feel so low Sometimes you force me learn new things Sometimes you make me not interested in the world You bring most beautiful feeling in the world […]

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