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What is Love <3

Love Poem

What is Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m dreaming the mist of rain in cool wind Caressing my soul and soothing my skin The grass below slowly tickling my feet And a feeling of awe and not of defeat <3 Thunder rumbles through the night A feeling of excitement and not of fright What will happen? I […]

My Love’s Night Out <3

Love Is Written In Gold

My Love’s Night Out <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How I would have realized Just how close my love was to me I opened my arms to hug, you see <3 I touched you my love On a single sparkling star The night was rooting for me <3 The moon gave me serene moment To enjoy, while the […]

Rare Love <3

True Love

Rare Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Beloved, the love I’ll share with you Will be so rare, it seems unreal I really could never ever explain Exactly the way I truly feel for you <3 My love will be so very different We will never be sad or blue We will feel so happy every day Whenever […]

Love Expression <3

love expression

Love Expression <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Expressing you what I feel is not easy thing to do Especially when this feeling is for someone like you <3 You know it, I understand you better than any of the rest But you avoid to think of being together at your best <3 I wish, If only you could […]

Longing For You <3

Longing For You

Longing For You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Long to see you with me And want your heart to be mine Being there for one each other No matter whatever the time <3 Wish to share heart to hearts and share the love and light Longing the feeling of affinity That will always feel so right <3 […]

Fulfill My Dreams <3

When I Dreamt You

Fulfill My Dreams <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Everytime I gaze the same stars It’s the same moon which shines thru Everytime in dreams you’re in my arms But, beloved tell me, where are you <3 What’s good in the moon without you What good are all the stars above My heart is aching, oh it’s so lonely […]

Dil Ki Baat <3

Dil Ki Baat <3

Dil Ki Baat <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Dil ki baat ko dil se aj utarne do Waqt hai ye na tharega gujar jaane do <3 Ankho se karlo baate mujhse kuch aj Bin bole bhi sun lo is dil ki awaz <3 Dil hai mera bhola pankshi udne do Dil ki baat ko aaj dil me utrne […]

Envelop Your Soul With Mine <3

your smile

Envelop Your Soul With Mine <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gently envelope your soul with mine Seek the love through my eyes See with the vision of my love This all will surely make me shine <3 Do you feel the love flames Burning and bursting within veins <3 Now slowly close your eyes Wrap your arms, around […]

Inside My Heart <3

Start Dreaming

Inside My Heart <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deep inside me burns for you My heart swells with desire I am weak and without restraint I cannot put out this fire <3 You are my rose in full bloom Your skin soft as the petals Your beauty grasps my soul My feelings dear I must settle <3 Let […]

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