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I Love My Dreams <3

I Love My Dreams

I Love My Dreams <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I truly love my dreams Where I belong to you, see you Touch you and really feel you You are so livid in my dream And so mesmerizing beautiful Beloved, I can just only imagine <3 So what if you are far from me I can always feel you […]

Start Dreaming <3

Start Dreaming

Start Dreaming <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was just sitting in a park Moonlight was falling all over Just then something arouse me It was none other than you I see <3 Light was so very dim But I anticipate that was you Walking slowly towards me You are truly such a beauty <3 Eyes were fixed […]

Feel The Luv <3

Feel The Luv

Feel The Luv <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Feel this love deep inside Feel the heart which beats Feel the pain when left alone Feel the tear rolls on cheeks <3 Feel the touch of my hand Feel the breath in your ears Feel the vibrations of love Feel the withdrawal of fears <3 Feel the sun upon […]

Thoughts Wandering <3

Thoughts Wandering

Thoughts Wandering <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Resting in the field of heaven My thoughts wander for you Far away in the same world We shall surely get our due <3 Past the moon, past the stars Your light shining dimly through But I focus on your center core For that is what I love true <3 Can […]

Soon Meeting You <3

Soon Meeting You

Soon Meeting You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So many miles between us And wait keeps us apart Nothing can ever change This love inside my heart <3 I am not there with you Every minute of the day But you’re always here with me In at least a thousand ways <3 You can yourself feel it This […]

Tears of My Life’s Deception <3

Tears of My Life's Deception

Tears of My Life’s Deception <3 It took a long time For me to confess The feelings I’ve for you And the feelings you suppress <3 Finally those magical words said Anxiety coursed through my nerves There was no budge whatsoever On your cheeks and lip curves <3 Non chalant you appeared As if you […]

Dreamt Today <3

Dreamt Today

Dreamt Today <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had a dream today on my way you were waiting there in rainy day Bus came and hauls in front You slipped and I hold your hand <3 Your soft and warm hand energize me Like current flows through body In this chilling weather you summarize I had a glance […]

You Make Me Beautiful <3


You Make Me Beautiful <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s hard for me to comprehend What really I feel inside The only thing I understand is Where my heart knows to hide <3 But after meeting you in dreams I feel words flowing with ease You understand and listen Yet you play and you tease <3 You’re wonderful […]

Lost in Your Sweetness <3

Evening Together

Lost in Your Sweetness <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lost in your eternal sweetness I feel now total completeness <3 Beloved I touch your desire So let me plunge into your fire <3 From deep down in my soul To the ends of every strand of hair <3 I quiver with excitement Of the feeling of you being […]

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