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Writing a Song <3

Tears of My Life's Deception

Writing a Song <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dreaming you in my mind I’m trying to write a song Time stands still suddenly Making me feel so strong <3 Song echoes in whispers While the breeze blows in Stirred in a moment I am In the skies, I’m soaring <3 Amidst the bright sky I see us together […]

Your Aura <3

Your Aura

Your Aura <3 ~~~~~~~~~ Mesmerized by your beautiful aura My heart blew with the wind Your beauty and thoughts of you Invaded my lonely mind <3 You are like the moon in the sky You are the apple of my eye This is the reason for the poem I write You’re the one I adore […]

Rainbow of Love <3

Rainbow of Love

Rainbow of Love <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Under the rainbow of Love A unique place of my dreams Beautiful place to stray about Through the romantic sunbeams <3 Enchanted with the spell of poems And with sweet music and songs A place you’d like to stay For the years together lifelong <3 No worries here and no […]

One True Luv <3

One True Luv

One True Luv <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will be one true love My life time favorite girl You’re a gift from God above Truly a blessing in my world <3 You’re answer to my prayers Like an angel’s song to sing Like a breath of fresh air You’re the beauty of the spring <3 You are […]

Fell In Luv <3

fell in love

Fell In Luv <3 ~~~~~~~~~ I fell in love with you forever Leave you, it will be never <3 You are the beating to my heart The easel to my art <3 You are the smile upon my face Whenever I feel sorry or sad <3 You are the light that brings me joy I […]

I’m With U <3

I'm With U

I’m With U <3 ~~~~~~~~~ When your sky is grey And just keeps on falling <3 I hope I’m the one You are calling <3 Though the world I can’t conquer And the weather I control <3 I hope I can stop your tears And be nourishment to your soul <3 I’m sorry I can’t […]

Ek Pari Se Pyaar Ho Gya <3

Ek Pari Se Pyaar Ho Gya

Ek Pari Se Pyaar Ho Gya <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Barso se ek sapna dekha tha <3 Wo sapna ab hakikat ho gaya Chahat thi ek pari ke didaar ki <3 Us pari ka ab deedar ho gaya Uski muskaan ne kuch jadu sa <3 Dil pe yu kar diya Pyar se chuuke ehsaan mujhpe kr diya […]

Dreaming You <3

Dreaming You

Dreaming You <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I stay up till the night just thinking about you Dreaming how you bring joy to me through glimpses of you <3 Thinking of how you make my problems seem to fade away Thinking of how happy, I will get to see you the next day <3 Thinking of how beautiful […]

Love Life <3

Love Life

Love Life <3 ~~~~~~~~ Beloved whenever I dream, you’re my only desire In my life now you gonna be only one to inspire In heart I embraced this love so open and strong I will never think of anyone else ever lifelong <3 When you’re far still I know you’ll be in touch At night […]

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