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Fairies ♥


Fairies ♥ I believe in the Fairies They make dreams come true I believe in their wonders Among the stars and the moon ♥ I believe in their magic From little fairies up above They dance over the flowers And sing songs of true love  ♥ And dear if you just believe And will always stay true […]

Luv Defined ♥

Luv Defined

Luv Defined ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~ Love often leaves you with much to desire At first, it sets your heart over afire You think your love is steadfast and strong Then you realize how things can go wrong ♥ When true love hits, you’ll be sure to know Because true love has much more to show True […]

See You Once a While ♥

See You Once a While

See You Once a While ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I only see you once in a while But when I do I hope you smile Because you’re someone that I hold dear one of the girl I love to be near ♥ And to see you sad would make me mad To see you in pain would […]

Love So True ♥

Love So True

Love So True ♥ ########### So many things to share and what I want to say But somehow, my heart keeps the words at bay The time has come, let my heart pour free And tell you how I dream of you with me ♥ I’ve never experienced a feeling so strong and I’ve never […]

Till The End Of Time ♥

Till The End Of Time

Till The End Of Time ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You might ask how long will I love you I’ll love you till the birds stop singing Until the bells around stop ringing Until the sky is no longer blue That’s how long beloved I gonna love you ♥ I will love you till the rain stops falling […]

Colors ♥


Colors ♥ ~~~~~~ Blue – is the color of the sky above That signifies the depth of life so great The stars sparkles in your beautiful eyes That set upon me at night so very late ♥ Yellow – is the color of pure gold That fills your soul truly so priceless It represents your […]

Forever Stay ♥

Forever Stay

Forever Stay ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~ Beloved you’re the one my dreams are made of It’s full with understanding, warmth and love These feelings I thought for only fairytales But you are the cool breeze that fill my sails ♥ The honesty we gonna share between us two Will keep this connection very dear and true We […]

Sweet Love ♥


Sweet Love ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~ Sweet love that’s burning in my heart Which longs to come out of the door A love that wants to come out to love you Like you’ve never been loved before ♥ This love of mine is yearning for you Wants to come out and capture your heart Is longing to […]

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