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In Moonlit Night ♥


In moonlit night while star shine When in my mind good things twine You are the one in my dreams, I find Every night I wish to see you To hold you and to feel you ♥ But yet these things I never show Tonite musical nightingale told me You too are thinking about me […]

Brand New Day ♥

brand new day

Today, peeping through my opened window I gazed upon a breathless heart-stopping sight Oh, as i gazed at this precious sight in delight Time itself seemed to be waiting to grasp hold of The beams from clouds, that would burst forth From the east and to witness a brand new day ♥ My dear, rest […]

Yesteryears ♥


Yesteryears life was like stone For studies in hostel, lost my home I felt lost, cud not luv or wanted too But now in my dreams, I have you ♥ I close my eyes as today cool breeze flow Over the eyebrows and kissing the cheek I am Breathing its taste and freshness Looks like […]

Seeing Stars Tonight ♥


I see the stars slowly moving Into the image of your face As I lie onto the ground and start looking towards the space ♥ I feel for you there now Looking and staring down at me With that cute little smile That I always dreamt to see ♥ Your hand in my hand, warm […]

Feelings Once Forbidden ♥


Feelings which were once forbidden Are now expressed to her nothing hidden Here the lover sleeps, amid his dreams His angel comes riding over sunlit beams ♥ To waken him with kisses so sweet For love running in her veins, oh so deep She wakes him with her caresses light Upon his skin and she […]

Luna, Luna ♥


Luna, Luna dear you gonna shine so bright You gonna swell so much with love and pride You will emanate a white, eerie glow and zoom You gonna be extremely bright and boom You only made the famous titanic doom ♥ You gonna be extra big and clear And if we stand out at the […]

Emoticon ♥


Inspirational and Technical smile emoticon Have you heard about Big Bang and the universe call Never forget the quantum physics behind it all ♥ Never try to live in the Darkness of the past Nothing must deter you from creating your own future our gifts of intelligence, empathy, compassion creative wisdom start to show our […]

Believe in Luv ♥


Truly believe in love.. And see the magic Permit the souls melt.. Otherwise result is tragic ♥ Love is always everlasting I believe that is nevertheless true Moments so grand to never forget Moments so great I’m glad we met ♥ The first moment you held me I fell totally in love with you I […]

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