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Hope So Tall ♥

Hope So Tall

Life may be the stairway of despair Complete with broken love affairs And filled with dreams never came true Often faded with a simple touch of shame I see a pretty girl who looked so lame But very innocent with behaviour untamed ♥ She’s striving hard to keep her head above Leading a life devoid […]

You’re My Strength ♥

You're My Strength

You’re like my shoulder and my strength I may fall out of life for you go to any length You are truly the Moon in My Sky You are also present in the tears of my eyes ♥ Needless to say, you are the soul of my life you’re so special more than you know […]

You’re My Angel Divine ♥


From the moment I opened my heart and let you in I felt my feelings turned into love that start to begin My Love for You is more than just an emotion I consider you my Angel divine sent from Heaven ♥ I want to be like a blanket for you that covers a child […]

Love to See You ♥

Love to See You

I love to see you beautiful, day after day Always thinking about you sometimes feel to say I just need you to know that I always am here I will never leave your heart nor create any fear ♥ Baby girl you are truly my beautiful princess And I’ll be your everyday charming prince You […]

Listen To My Heart ♥

Listen To My Heart

Beloved follow the rhythm of my poems When my heart softly speaks to you Just try to hear the rhythm of each beat You’re the reason my heart feels complete ♥ You’ll see a pattern in the syllables of words The adjectives and nouns add to the verbs It’s like a cadence being chanted in […]

Love is Like a Story ♥


Love is like a story in everyone’s sweet life Through this life overcomed struggles and strife One finds it impossible to stop with purpose reserved Never ever know on whether or not you deserve ♥ We feel submerged in something like love fountain These fountains mingle so well with the love River And these Rivers […]

Following My Heart ♥

Sweet Love

I am following my heart And it is leading me to you Destiny wants me as your part Though this feeling is so new ♥ You’ve become never ending desire you’ll be my everlasting love You’re the one and I love you and I gonna treasure your love ♥ Forever always and even more Is […]

If I Ever ♥

If I Ever

If I get to loose myself In the core of your heart I wish I would become its part ♥ If I ever loose my sight In your shining light I know I will not go blind ♥ If I think to abandon myself In the beauty of your mind I know I will never […]

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