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Love You Forever ♥

love poem

Today I’m making a promise with you These words I gonna speak are true I would like you to know I love you And gonna always be there for you ♥ Your eyes shines like a million suns You shine more brightly than anyone Your sweet smile makes me smile My world comes standstill for […]

Fairy Tale ♥

Love in Your Arms

I’ve dreamed of this fairy tale for many years that I am loving you each day and night hours Loving till your happiness flow out into the tears I find myself into the garden where you flower ♥ Of course I am what I am, as you are certainly you But just like bushes planted […]

Love You Deeply ♥

True Luv

I love you so deeply I want you to know.. That I love you so I want you to know..  ♥ How much you mean to me You’re my eyes to see You’re my heart to beat And my air to breathe  ♥ Without you, there’s no me Love the rhythm of heart so much […]

Lay in Arms Tonight ♥

lay in arms tonight

Wish to lay in your arms tonight Our love will stand for rest of our lives I don’t know how to tell you my care I love you but I don’t even dare ♥ Make me feel the tenderness of your heart With the hope that we will never be apart Baby, it is really […]

Dreams of You ♥

your dreams

Dreams of you, I start to obsess Lovefire ignites vision of yours My vivid visions of your face Imagining your sweet embrace ♥ Keeping me awake in starry night My lusting heart, you do ignite Onto you when I gently rest my head Trying to remember all you said ♥ I look to the starry […]

Nhi Koi Hasrat Tere Bin ♥

Mehak Uthenge Lamhe

Mahak uthunge yeh lamhe pyar se Agar sanson me apni panah de tu ♥ Ban jayegi meri zindagi kuch yu Agar din raat ankhon ka sama tu ♥ Kiya hai intzaar tera sadiyon se Meri jaan ab aur na mujhe Azma tu ♥ Ab chu Na sake Phir yeh duriyan Baahon Mein Mujhe ab sama […]

You’re an Angel ♥

angel poem

You’re an angel from above, one and only Love you forever, we’ll never be lonely You’re an angel with such beauty & grace You’re kind & sweet, with an angelic face ♥ What you’ve done, you’ve illuminated my soul It’s you my love, that has made me feel whole Your eyes are like sapphires that […]

Lives Entwined ♥

life as one

Our lives entwined now to be as one Upon this journey we’ve just begun Where we together will find no less Than eternal love and sheer happiness ♥ Beloved you make me feel special You make me feel rejuvenated and anew Your presence make me feel cared How magically everything you do ♥ If time […]

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