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Ajeeb Ahshaas ♥


Jaane yeh ajeeb sa mujhsme aisa rang bharta hai Mere sapno mein aa karke..mujhe likhne ko mazboor karta hai ♥ Mujhe kavi sa banakarr..khud un panktiyo ko wo padhta hai Kahi sapno mein chupke se..wo mujhme rang bharta hai ♥ Kahte hai ki kavita adhuri hai..bina kisi ke ahshaas ke wo us ahshaas ko […]

Samay Badlega ♥

paint luv

Zindagi agar khwaab hai to isme kya bura hai Aakhir khwaabo ko bhi humne dekha hai chalte hue Woh jo door se dikhta ban, sapna muskura kar Aaj hakikat ban baitha hai, bus rang badlte hue ♥ Sapno ke paav nahi hote, to bhi chal jaate hai Chutki bajate hi badal jaate hai mukkadar soye […]

Your Love Will Be Mine ♥

With your love my heart is in fire To be with you is my great desire I promise you it will never be wrong One love our hearts will make it strong ♥ Your touch beloved, soft and tender Your whispers in dream, full of desire This feels like gasp of sweet surrender Beloved this […]

Like an Angel ♥

Like an angel sweet from the sky You have blessed me with your presence Now I’m too deep in love with you And I’m stung by your very essence ♥ An angel wings which spread far and wide An angels wings I truly need at my side I long for you dear my angelic bride […]

Never Thought ♥

Never thought there will be a time I’ll feel the true warmth of its shine If this love in my heart is like an ocean I promise there would be no more land If this love in my heart is like a desert I promise you would see only the sand ♥ No matter beloved […]

No Matter What ♥

No matter what, forever I will love you I won’t give up, forever I will love you Beloved I’ll love you with all my heart To have you forever and never to part ♥ This is kind of a promise engrained in me Give me your hands and let it be I will go to […]

Morning Dew ♥

Morning dew today like gentle night rain That laced against my window pane And called me back from troubled sleep To soothe this heart too numb to weep ♥ My loneliness sometimes is deep and real It’s like a wound that time gonna heal I am throbbed within, While I know Beloved my arms are […]

Compare This Luv ♥

Compare this love with a blossoming red rose Whose splendor rises with the sun shine over its face Brilliant red petals expanding further and richer Slowly Whispering secrets of happiness and affection ♥ Though with time comes the fall of dusk Where all contentment is beginning to sweep away While all the rose’s petals unite […]

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